Welcome to CyberNexus! 

If you’ve read our About Cybernexus page, you’ve got some idea of what we’re about. But, for more:

We’ll offer news and other information. Your input and contributions will have a place here, eventually – this is not a one-way conversation we intend to have, though it is starting out that way. We value you greatly, and we’re hoping you will come back again and again. And no, this is not a link farm. We will choose the links we offer the old-fashioned way, intentionally.

For now, CyberNexus is a ‘hobby’, with a purpose. If we do start commercializing it, in any way, we will not:

– exploit your personal information.

– sell your information to marketers.

– offer commercial or marketing content as if it was not. I really hate that.

If for any reason we change any of these policies, you may be asked to ‘opt-in’, or choose to be included. We’ll have more on this, and formal policy, as soon as we can cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s. For now, our policy is to not disclose your information unless required to by law.

This is still the beginning of the beginning. Stay tuned!