We are in danger

America, wholly and in parts, is in danger. Danger from within more than from without.

For my entire adult life, and before, America has been the target of overthrow, from a Leftist movement identified by several names; Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, The Democratic Party, for example. And more recently, One-World Government, The U.N., World Economic Forum, World-this and World-that. Overthrow. and that is the overthrow of the United States of America.

These movements, related, linked, often identical, have similar purposes. Those I can readily identify:

  • Control of the US federal government, state governments, local governments.
  • Subversion of the US Constitution, the ultimate goal being to remake the United States in a different image, one not merely unlike what was intended by the founders, but one nearly the opposite of that.
  • Destruction of the US economic engine. And most probably the destruction of all other industrialized economies, all a threat to centralized governance.

This seems to presume this Leftist movement is our enemy. It is not alone. Two other forces also harbor evil intentions to all others.

China plays the long game. Decades are an acceptable timeframe for the Chinese Communist Party, so long as it prevails in the end. Capitalism, with China dominant, is a good outcome for them. Neutralizing opposition, military, economic, and political, is the immediate goal. Immediate being measured in as long as it takes. China will happily watch the Leftist revolution expend itself on a common enemy. China is confident in victory. And if the worst (for them) happens, they just grow richer and more influential, and wait for their opportunity.

But another player is in this drama.

Radical Islam continues to be a violent and aggressive force worldwide, directed by religious leaders who proclaim their intention to create a new Islamic Empire, ruling over all. they are not so interested in economic or even ‘political’ power. Of course they will use whatever they can, and leverage any opportunity, but in the end they intend to fulfill what they see as destiny. I describe them here as religious fanatics, but they are also self-motivated, I suspect, since power corrupts all.

This is not a new fight, and the forces at war wit us particularly are not new either. Leftism isn’t new, China’s Communist Party is born of that, and Islam is one of the USA’s first foes. I wonder if they have forgotten that.

This is, to me, the problem.