Along with politics, policy, Christ, and computers, I love talking and writing about sports.  So I'll start writing about them here, of course...


So far this has been a fantastic year, starting with the Patriots winning Super Bowl XVIX.  So a few thoughts on this:

- Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.  He just is.  There are faster, more mobile, stronger, longer-throwing, taller quarterbacks, but none better.  Peyton suffered from an injury and so did Rodgers, Wilson only needs a few more years, and Flacco just needs a little more team.  But Brady is now the top of the heap.  

- The Patriots out-played and out-coached the Seahawks in the last minute.  Butler both played heads-up ball taking Lockette out of bounds on that impossible catch, saving a touchdown, but he followed his coaching, saw the play, and went for the ball.  Browner drove his man off-rout, making that interception possible, and Wilson didn't quite put the ball where it would be safe.  An entire season comes down to 3 seconds of a pass play.  

Belichick out-coached Carroll.  He showed a run defense, and the Seahawks blinked.  

But enough of that.  Just a fabulous season for the Patriots.  If they can keep key free agents, there is good reason to hope they can repeat.