This is simple.  Let the Raiders move to L.A.

Ok, not so simple?

0. San Diego is a great place to play football, isn't it? It's not competing with L.A is it?

1. San Francisco is also a great place to play football.  New Stadium?  Just raise the money, it's not like they can't find a buck in SF, is it?

2. Oakland is plainly competing with the 49ers.  

3. The Raiders are seriously L.A. style.  Am I wrong?  Dodger Fan is Raider Fan with different color facepaint.

4. Stealing the Rams?  C'mon, man.  Dumb.

5. The only other candidate is the Giants. No, no one is talking about that.  Yes, they would move.  yes, they would get their own stadium, and who wants to share a stadium with the Jets?  That stench lingers, trust me.

Really the NFL should anoint the Raiders.

Now, admittedly, the Raiders are no prize.  L.A. might not want them.  And Kroenke had the land and the money to make the Rams the L.A. Rams...  Which is a slap to St. Louis.  So the 49ers are the front runners.

But then the NFL can expand.  New NFC team to replace the Rams.  And a new AFC team, where?  Alabama?  Austin/San Antonio?  Yup.


It's all about the Benjamins, though.